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Member Spot Light


This page is to Spot light our members life and times with the scooters they love to ride.

Dave Leisure Member of MOCS Is Spotlighted

Dave is one of the founders of Mid-Ohio Classic Scooters Club. Dave lives in Columbus, Ohio with his wife Joyce of 28 years.

He served in the United States Air Force as a Vehicle repairman from 1964 to 1968.

Dave got his first scooter in 1958 it was a Cushman Highlander, he rode it for the next 2 years and sold it. In 1990 Dave got back into scooters with the purchased a 1958 Cushman Eagle for 300 bucks and still has it to this day.

He has several scooters on the list to try to find time to rebuild and one is a 1958 Highlander.

He also has a couple of motorcycles, 1980 FXS Low Rider and a 2000 H.D. Classic.

Dave had a part in starting MOCS club when Dave, Bob Lee and Larry Hutchinson went to the Bicycle meet and after the meet they got an idea to form a club with the intention of putting on a scooter meet and swap meet in the Columbus area.

The very first meet was held in 1996 at Watkins Memorial High school in Pataskala, Ohio.

They had about 30 show bikes show up for the one day meet. The very next year the show doubled in size. After that they had to move the show to Plain City, Ohio where it has been for 18 years.

Thanks Dave for starting something good for all us scooter lovers.

Dave Leisure

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