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UPDATED 12 February. 2017
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Update on Kent Turner         1-26-2016

In case you haven't heard about Kent's (PET) Herdord Bull named Jack, Kent was out in his pasture checking on his beef cattle when he was charged by his 2,100 lb. Bull Jack. So Jack continued to head butt Kent even after Kent was on the ground. Findly Kent pulled himself to a nearby tree and he called his wife Suzanne. She drove the pickup truck out in the field and took Kent to Miami Valley Hospital Dayton Ohio. Kent had a broken Tibia next to his knee, the surgery required lots of screews. Kent will be laid up for weeks and this was his good leg.

Kent had rescued the calf from the mud 5 years earlier and had hand raised it as a pet. So they named it Jack and it was a very loving pet for many years. Well Jack is now in someones freezer, he was sold 2 days after the incident.

Kent is recovering at home, using a walker to get around, he is not allowed any weight on the leg at this time. Kent told me the house walls are closing in on him.

Send him a card to cheer him up.

Kent Turner    5250 Little Sugar Creek RD.    Dayton, Ohio  45440-3918 

       A club dedicated to the preservation and restoration of classic motorbikes and motorscooters. All makes, domestic and foreign, 25 years and older are welcome.
       The club was founded by Dave Leisure, Bob Lee, and Larry Hutchinson in November 1995 and has hosted a swap and show meet every spring since then in central Ohio.

Plan now to attend the 2015 Swing Into Spring swap meet in Plain City.  The dates are May 14th, 15th and 16th and details can be found by clicking on the Swing Into Spring link below.  Lodging information can be viewed by clicking on the Lodgings link.

Plain City Lodging

Spring 2016 Flyer


Our Vintage Scooter Meet will be held on May 17th thru May 20th 2017 at Pastime Park, Plain City, Ohio  Please see the flyer for more details.

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